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BUBBAROCK Meat Co. was a concept dreamt up by four volunteer junior high football coaches over the last 10 years. One of the coaches, Bubba, has been a butcher for the last 29 years for an established grocery store and was hungry to be able to freely promote his creative ideas and unique products. His cutting-edge innovations and drive to be the best are beginning to  revolutionize the culinary world. Two of the other coaches are entrepreneurs who have created engineering and software-based businesses out of thin air. The brothers Rock and Wrench have provided technical products and services for the last 17 years and were looking for opportunities to diversify. The many business dealings they have encountered over the years have made them realize that partnering up with a person of Bubba’s personality and skill is a unique opportunity they could not pass up. The final coach, Chauser, is an “honest” lawyer who helped get the business up and running and continues to assist with legal matters. The bald butcher, two entrepreneurs, and lawyer decided to join forces and began putting the BUBBAROCK Meat Co® plan together in early 2020. The objective is to be “On the Cutting Edge” by integrating top-notch technical skill with real-world butcher expertise to produce the best tasting, most cost effective, and most consistent products available on the market today. Contact us to learn more about BUBBAROCK and how to experience our first class products and services!


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