Jerky Sampler Pack with Applewood Bacon


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Bacon Jerky - Applewood Smoke


Beef Jerky - Carolina Reaper

Beef Jerky - Cracked Black Pepper

Beef Jerky - Garlic Pepper

Beef Jerky - Korean BBQ

Beef Jerky - Peppered Orange Teriyaki

Beef Jerky - Sea Salt, Honey, & Pepper

Beef Jerky - Smoky Bar-B

Beef Jerky - Volcanic Jalapeno

Turkey Jerky - Carolina Reaper

Out of stock

Turkey Jerky - Korean BBQ

Out of stock

Turkey Jerky - Southwest BBQ

Out of stock


Customize your own 5 pack of Turkey and/or Beef Jerky and get a package of Applewood Bacon Jerky included.


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